Surf’n’Clean offers a pragmatic solution to help reduce ocean pollution by creating innovative products.

Who are we ?

We aim to reduce ocean plastic pollution thanks to both a range of eco-friendly products, and by raising awareness of this issue.

The idea of Surf’n’Clean came about when we were surfing in Uluwatu, Bali, and there was simply so much rubbish floating in the sea we couldn’t surf. We soon realised all surfers had a strong desire to act and pick up all this plastic waste, but didn’t have anywhere to put it…
So we thought of a solution!


Surf Pocket

A removable mesh pocket for your surfboard.
This pocket enables surfers to collect all sorts of waste while out in the water and thereby preserve the purity of our oceans.

Shirt Pocket

A knitted mesh pocket which is part of the lower back of a rash-guard.
It enables surfers to collect waste, without bothering their performance in any way all whislt keeping our oceans plastic free.

Bin buoy

A buoy to which carabineers and clips are attached. These allow large pockets to be attached, and surfers to attach their own Surf Pockets. 10L mesh bags facilitate the disposal of larger waste items, which would otherwise be inconvenient to store in the surf pocket on the board.

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